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What to do in Milan pt. 3: five other things to flag on your list

1) Navigli by boat Navigli are the waterways envisioned by Leonardo Da Vinci in one of the golden age of the city. What we have left now are only two of them, the Naviglio Grande and the Naviglio Pavese. This first point of our what to do in Milan list will show you a more [...]

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How to go from Malpensa airport to downtown Milan

You made it! You have just gracefully landed in Milano Malpensa airport. We are sure the flight was nice and the weather that welcomed you even nicer. You are tired but you are also full of excitement about your next moves in the city of fashion. You surprise yourself fantasizing about your shopping sprees in [...]

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Our Fashion Workshop Tour: a true insider experience

Our Workshop Tour is a superior experience. Yes, it is true, we are pleased to guide you in the most exclusive tours of Milan’s fashion headquarters and of course, during the two hours and a half trip, you will be enriched by a direct knowledge of the Italian fashion system, but in order to put [...]

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The best hotels in Milan: our selection

When in Milan, do as the milanesi do… and, of course, style is the key word for the locals’ approach to life. So to have a great start in the city of fashion, glamour must be involved beginning with the hotel you choose for your stay. Here’s a first selection of the best hotels in [...]

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What to do in Milan: 5 things to flag on your list

 1) Hop on a tram and have dinner on board Trams are one of the city symbols, especially those from the roaring 1920s that still fiercely travel the very heart of the city, leaving the non-milanese population in a awe with their wooden sits and fluted glass lampshades. The ATM transport authority managed to create [...]

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