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Milan Tour with Fashion Workshop Experience

In our everyday life, when we think of fashion, the most well-known brands are the only ones that come into our mind. Nevertheless, we are able to create our own style, according to our tastes and habits, but fashion is also something else. The most fashionable experience you could have is the tailoring experience, even [...]

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Milan tour: the Italian art of tailoring

As in many other big and crowded cities, in Milan you are surrounded by the stores of the most important and well-known fashion brands. But, what Milan offers to you as an added value to your Milan tour is the Made in Italy experience, not only in fashion, but also in design, jewelry and so on. [...]

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A Milan Tour with Fashion, History and Nature

Is it possible to organise a Milan tour which combines different types of activities? Obviously the answer is yes, even though Milan is the city that runs fast. This is how Italians define the city, with its busy streets where people are always in a hurry. Walking down the streets you can feel the energy [...]

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Milan Tour is not only fashion: the Advices of Fontana Couture. Do you want to come in Milan and add something special to your Milan tour? If fashion is only your starting point and you want to try something special, then let yourself be seduced by the advices of Hetty Bankamp, a fashion-and-tailoring expert who works from years for one of the long-established atelier [...]

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