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We love Milano and its unique fashion. We love the italian way of living. We take you to the best places downtown since 2009. Milano Fashion Tour is a trade mark located in Milano, Via Manzoni.

Milan Tour with Fashion Workshop Experience

In our everyday life, when we think of fashion, the most well-known brands are the only ones that come into our mind. Nevertheless, we are able to create our own style, according to our tastes and habits, but fashion is also something else. The most fashionable experience you could have is the tailoring experience, even [...]

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Milan tour: the Italian art of tailoring

As in many other big and crowded cities, in Milan you are surrounded by the stores of the most important and well-known fashion brands. But, what Milan offers to you as an added value to your Milan tour is the Made in Italy experience, not only in fashion, but also in design, jewelry and so on. [...]

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A Milan Tour with Fashion, History and Nature

Is it possible to organise a Milan tour which combines different types of activities? Obviously the answer is yes, even though Milan is the city that runs fast. This is how Italians define the city, with its busy streets where people are always in a hurry. Walking down the streets you can feel the energy [...]

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The Style Project tour formula

Milan is a city with worlds to offer to its visitors: not only it is the Capital of Made in Italy, with straight-out-of-magazines streets and peculiar corners every fashion lover would adore to photograph, it is also the midpoint of stylish opportunities, like the one we are about to tempt you with. It is the [...]

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Here’s what we have learnt from the latest MFW

Milano is all about fashion and there is no news in that, Milano Fashion Tour knows it well. But make no mistake, the air of the world’s capital of fashion bursts with novelties, starting from the latest trends coming straight from the catwalks of the latest Milan Fashion Week. Milano Fashion Tour loves the big [...]

The Merchant of Venice: a path into perfume excellence

Speaking about beauty, Italy owns a number of excellences. Not only we represent the Made in Italy reign, a country of culture and historical treasures, we also are the cradle of one of the most sophisticated luxury ever created by the human talent: the perfumery art. We rejoice in presenting you the latest superior experience [...]

Milan Fashion Library, an insider tour

They say wisdom is power, but in this case wisdom is pure luxury! If you are hungry for fashion knowledge, we know the exact right place for you to visit with us. In Milan, of course! We are talking about Milan Fashion Library, the one and only place where to find an original 1900 Harper’s [...]

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What to do in Milan pt. 3: five other things to flag on your list

1) Navigli by boat Navigli are the waterways envisioned by Leonardo Da Vinci in one of the golden age of the city. What we have left now are only two of them, the Naviglio Grande and the Naviglio Pavese. This first point of our what to do in Milan list will show you a more [...]

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