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We love Milano and its unique fashion. We love the italian way of living. We take you to the best places downtown since 2009. Milano Fashion Tour is a trade mark located in Milano, Via Manzoni.

How to go from Malpensa airport to downtown Milan

You made it! You have just gracefully landed in Milano Malpensa airport. We are sure the flight was nice and the weather that welcomed you even nicer. You are tired but you are also full of excitement about your next moves in the city of fashion. You surprise yourself fantasizing about your shopping sprees in [...]

How to go from Malpensa airport to downtown Milan2016-12-31T15:32:45+01:00

Our Fashion Workshop Tour: a true insider experience

Our Workshop Tour is a superior experience. Yes, it is true, we are pleased to guide you in the most exclusive tours of Milan’s fashion headquarters and of course, during the two hours and a half trip, you will be enriched by a direct knowledge of the Italian fashion system, but in order to put [...]

Our Fashion Workshop Tour: a true insider experience2016-12-07T19:02:51+01:00

What to do in Milan: 5 things to flag on your list

 1) Hop on a tram and have dinner on board Trams are one of the city symbols, especially those from the roaring 1920s that still fiercely travel the very heart of the city, leaving the non-milanese population in a awe with their wooden sits and fluted glass lampshades. The ATM transport authority managed to create [...]

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Milano Fashion Tour: Christmas edition

This time of the year is special for us, that's why we created our brand new Christmas Tour! If you choose our regular tour - which we love -  Please welcome the opportunity to take part in the most fashionable Christmas tour in the world: the Milano Fashion Tour Christmas edition, that at the very [...]

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How can you recognize a real italian fabric?

Maison Rubinacci is placed in Via Del Gesu, in the heart of Milan Fashion District. This Neapolitan Sartoria is a well-knowed institution of style in Italy and all over the world. MFT Manager Leandro Diana met Luca Rubinacci and asked him some precious advices about fabrics and garments: how do you recognize a real fashionable vintage [...]

How can you recognize a real italian fabric?2019-11-14T12:04:53+01:00

What To Do In Milan

There are so many hidden gems in Milan, you just need to know where they are! Here below we list our favourite. If you like, you can see them all joining one of our MFT tours. This time we suggest you some tips to visit the "highest" cool places in Milan: 1 -HIGHLINE GALLERIA What to [...]

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Fashionable Humans of Milan – part I

Milano Fashion Tour staff meets and portrays fashionable people in the streets of Milano. Citizens, tourists, businessmen, dandies, workers: everybody can be fashionable in his peculiar way. And this portraits turn it out! Check out and share on twitter  your favourite fashionable "Milanese"!  fashionable humans of milan Anne  (on the left) came to Milano to [...]

Fashionable Humans of Milan – part I2019-11-14T12:05:54+01:00
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