Who will be my Fashion Guide?

In order to see an authentic hand-made item of clothing, you will need an expert, a special guide that will show you these temples of fashion. Our tour guides have worked for years for the most famous Italian fashion brands, for this reason they will guide you through the best boutiques only. They will answer to all [...]

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Which ateliers we are going to visit?

Rubinacci, Re Ottavio, Bottega Veneta, Fontana Couture Showroom, Moschino and Loro Piana are just few examples of what you can discover during Milano Fashion Tour. As you can notice, we work with a huge number of fashion stores and ateliers. Therefore, we select different ateliers for each tour, according to the tailor needs and, of course, the customer ones. [...]

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Why the Fashion Workshop is unique and exclusive?

It is the only occasion you will have in a lifetime to see an Italian designer at work. you will learn: fabric cutting, how tailors work, the importance og body proportions and measurements, theoretical notions of finished garments, and other important sartorial topics. So, what does Tailor Master work consist of? Let’s see what you [...]

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How can we pay?

You can pay by cash during the tour. For large bookings, you can use a bank transfer or your credit card by paypal As guarantee, you can pay 60% ten days prior your tour and 40% by cash before the tour begins.

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Do you also visit factory outlet stores?

Yes, we run factory outlet tours. Milan and surroundings are plenty of outlet stores and the choice is huge: from mono-brand Dolce&Gabbana or Armani outlets (each of them surrounded by smaller outlets belonging to other brands) or big multi-brand outlets like Foxtown or Fidenza Village which are quite far. It is a 4 h tour. [...]

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