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Discover the Milan Fashion District with an exclusive 1-hour walking tour that will show you what Made in Italy really is. Milano Fashion Tour is the only tour that gives you the exclusive chance to visit a selection of the best ateliers & fashion stores in the innest district of Milan, the well-known Quadrilatero della Moda. You will also see a Tailor Master at work in his artisan workshop, creating a hand-made item of clothing.

Your Milano Fashion Tour will begin in Montenapoleone, the heart of Quadrilatero: every corner of this area hides a huge number of ateliers and fashion boutiques, where, for decades, the best Tailor Masters in Milan have been handed down the tailoring art from one generation to another. So, what does Tailor Master work consist of? Let’s see what you will experience during Milano Fashion Tour step by step.

Everything starts with the textile selection. The Tailor Master, according to the customer needs and tastes, shows one by one the most suitable textiles for the season and, of course, for the item of clothing to realise. For this reason, colours and measures are not the only aspects to consider when creating bespoke items.

After textile selection, it is time to study the customer body. This is a crucial step that has to be done carefully, in order to take body measurements properly. As we are talking about customised items of clothing, this is the most important step ever. Every effort is made to note down body measurements in the most accurate way, otherwise every mistake will appear on the finished bespoke items.

After taking measurements, everything is recorded on a paper pattern that shows the bespoke item project. Only at this point, using the paper pattern as model, the Tailor Master is ready to cut the textile and, then, to sew all the pieces of cloth together.

Rubinacci, Re Ottavio, Bottega Veneta, Fontana Couture Showroom, Moschino and Loro Piana are just few examples of what you will discover during Milano Fashion Tour. In order to see an authentic hand-made item of clothing, you will need an expert, a special guide that will show you these temples of fashion. Our tour guides have worked for years for the most famous Italian fashion brands, for this reason they will guide you through the best boutiques only. They will answer to all your questions and doubts, so they can make you to live the best fashion tour experience you could ever have.

As you can notice, we work with a huge number of fashion stores and ateliers. Therefore, we select different ateliers for each tour, according to the tailor needs and, of course, the customer ones.

Please note that Milano Fashion Tour is not a sale tour: if you are interested in shopping, discover our Private Sales & Personal Shopping(

Milano Fashion Tour is available for up to 6 people. If your group is more than 6 people, please contact us and we will create a custom-made tour for you.




30/ per person

Please note that, group scheduled access (More than 6 people) to fashion ateliers has to be agreed by our Staff.
Write us now to have more informations:

1 person – 80€

2 people – 40€ / person

3 people – 40€ / person

4 people – 38€ / person

5 people – 35€ / person

6 people – 35€ / person

7 people or more – 30€ / person

Meeting Point at:
Montenapoleone Metro Station

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