We feel so honored by your attention and trust over the years that we have conceived a lavish bid for you and your visit in the Capital of Fashion, making it even more memorable, if possible.

If you are craving for the best of Made in Italy in Milan, you should totally be interested in this deluxe treat we gladly offer you: our sartorial taste tour

What we are about to propose you is something splendid: a meet and greet with a tailor, Italian lush style. We will escort you in a sartorial temple, a splendid house of bespoke menswear attitude in the heart of the opulent streets of Fashion District.
With its roots well planted in the high Neapolitan sartorial tradition, this brand blooms in Milan. Thanks to our tour you will be a part of one of the richest expression of Italian culture in the whole world in a 400 square meters space where dapper elegance is a must. Primarily you will be welcomed in a first area, which is dedicated to ready-to-wear attires, the every day sophistication that makes Italy home to class.

The second layer of our posh trip will bring you in a more dedicated corner of the place, where clients identifies their most ideal style and give shape to their extreme quality shopping visions. Afterwards it is fitting room time: here you will witness a truly unique concept of made to measure fashion that features, for example, a collection of one of a kind vintage fabrics together with a VIP room, where special clients can relax having a cigar and a brandy whilst deciding for a new outfit.
This exclusive behind the curtain point of view ends with a stop at one of the few genuine tailoring lab still existing in Milan, an institution that keeps the name of Made in Italy high both locally and internationally: here is where you will see the Made in Italy magic unfold directly under your eyes.


Still yearning for Italy finest moda? Once again, follow us to have a plush bite of Italian taste! We are taking you to a place where you will be able to discover the real essence of Italian gusto. You will enter in a prestigious salon where national culture and our peculiar sense of style mix together to give you a sumptuous insider experience, like a true milanese.

In the most famous street of Milan Fashion District you will find a marvelous home to womenswear with a distinctive Italian brand which uses luxury and a bespoke philosophy to create jewel-like pieces aimed to highlight every single client truest self. Your host will be a Maison whose glorious story began in the roaring Twenties and still today sports a very bright present. Here you will have the chance to understand the real meaning of Italian approach to elegance and grace from the very mouth of one of Made in Italy purest ambassador.

You will also enjoy the presence of two professional models, that will be wearing the latest brand’s collections. You will live first hand the fashion show experience, watching a custom managed catwalk for you exclusively. But there is more: you will be offered a fancy drink in order to celebrate this luscious experience no one else but us brings to reality in the beautiful city on Milan!


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