We had a great day yesterday with Anais Favron and Evasion Channel cast, from Montreal, Canada.

We helped them shooting a brand new Tv Show, on air in Canada on april 2017. Trio Orange is producing a a travel show where viewers and future visitors will explore 13 different destinations around Europe. You can see Anais previous tv show about Greek islands here.

The series will be broadcasted on specialized travel channel Evasion in Canada. evasion Channel has a lot of shows that have been sold around the world. Two of them are the series Unique Hotels and Restaurants and The Foodie List which are broadcast on National Geographic and Discovery.

Milano Fashion Tour took the troupe to the Fashion District where our Fashion Guide Natalia explained everything about showrooms, hidden ateliers and designer’s houses.



As you probably know, MFT purpose is to take people to the most fascinating places, the best parties, the stores where the real bargains are…  things that are not advertised anywhere! Only true “milanesi” know where find these places. So we enjoyed all this with Evasion Channel Staff!



A big big hug to hour friend at Leo Fabrizio Design, who welcomed us and opened his garden doors to our cameras.



Here above you can see Evasion Channel staff, and in the middle from the left: Anais Favron, Leo Fabrizio and MFT CEO Leandro Diana .

Thanks a lot to Borsalino staff! Anais Favron enjoyed all the beautiful handmade Borsalino hats, at Via Sant’Andrea.



We will update you soon with details about the show and what are best shops to visit during summer in Milano. So.. stay Tuned on MFT!!!

In the meantime, enjoy Anais Favron on this video!