Have you ever struggled to find information on Milano Fashion Week? When is it? Where is held? How can you get tickets? Such questions fill our minds as we want to be prepared to attend one of the most important fashion events in the world… and the internet does not always offer a complete answer. 

If you are desperately looking online for an answer to all of these questions then you find the right place. Here is all you need to know (and more) about Milan Fashion Week 2020. In this post you will learn:

What is Milan Fashion Week (MFW)?

Milano Fashion week is for sure one of the most important events in the city: the best Italian fashion brands in the world, dozens of catwalks, thousands of people, and everything happens in just 7 days!

Organised by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, The Fashion Chamber of Milan, Women Fashion week is a famous fashion event held twice a year, in February/March and September/October, in Milano, Italy.

Milan Fashion Week was born in 1958 and it is part of the ‘Big Four’ international fashion weeks held in fashion capitals: New York, London, Milan and Paris.

1985 “Settimana della Moda” photo by Adriana Mulassano
From left: Laura Biagiotti, Mario Valentino, Gianni Versace, Krizia, Paola Fendi, Valentino Garavani, Gianfranco Ferrè, Mila Schön, Giorgio Armani, Ottavio Missoni, Franco Moschino, Luciano Soprani.

Through the years the Italian Fashion week has changed a lot. Originally held in Florence, this fancy event was moved to Milano because of the impossibility for a city like Florence to welcome as many international guests as the Fashion Week attracted. Florence was originally chosen in 1954 because designers were mostly from Tuscany, but the centre of fashion soon became Milano as during the ’80s, also known as the ‘Golden years’, it was in Milan that you could meet all the big stars as Missoni, Armani, Valentino both during catwalks and after parties.

Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, is an Italian non-profit organiZation that promotes, regulates and coordinates fashion industry in Italy. Most events during the MFW are organized by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, but some brands like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana can also go off calendar at times.

But why many people attend Milano Fashion week each year? The numbers are STUNNING. With more than 20.000 visitors each edition, the MFW grants an average income of 50 millions euros.

When is Milan Fashion Week 2020?

The next Milan Fashion Week 2020 will take place in the week from February 18th to February 24th 2020. Looking for this year calendar? Download it here to be updated on every day events. So you still have plenty of time to organise your trip to Milano. As the Women Fashion Week is held twice during the year the next one will be held in September 2020. 

Designers usually present their collection months in advance in order to make sure that the buyers have time to buy and distribute the new collections to their retailers. So Milano Fashion Week in February 2020 will be presenting the 2020/21 Fall/Winter collection. While usually the September edition presents the Spring/Summer collection for the next year.

Where is MFW held?

Milan Fashion Week spreads in different locations all over our beautiful city. From the Quadrilatero della moda in the city centre to areas such as Porta Romana or Via Tortona.  

Some shows are held in historycal buildings like the courtyard of Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera or the seventeenth-century cloister of the building of the State Archive, that have hosted some fashion shows of the 2019 edition. But also modern buildings in requalified areas like Fondazione Prada or Frigoriferi Milanesi are often chosen for catwalks with a contemporary twist. The landmark for the MFW though is the Fashion Hub at the Spazio Cavallerizze in Milano, which is part of the Science and Technology museum.

Catwalks and fashion shows… awesome but that’s not all! MFW also hosts fashion presentations. What is a Fashion Presentation? Official brand fashion presentations are the glamour side of the fashion shows. WOmen Fashion Week in Milan would not be complete without a visit to a Fashion Presentation! Here you will meet models, stylists, artists, Djs! Moreover,  you will have a chance to get in touch with the most glamorous part of Milano Fashion Week. If you want to attend some of these stunning events have a look here.

To attend catwalks and events you can check the week programme on https://www.cameramoda.it/en/ as some events are open to the public. Most events are press and industry only but meanwhile there are other options if you are not an industry member or press.  Have you ever dreamed of visiting a milanese fashion atelier? Or meet Mister Armani while walking down the street where he lives in Milano city centre? So why not take advantage? There are a few options that will take you inside the Milano Fashion Week like a real fashion insider. 

Where can I stay during MFW?

bosco verticale milan

There are multiple options to choose from if you are staying in Milano during the Fashion Week. Hotels, beautiful apartments and rooms in central Milano.  From luxury hotels like the Armani Hotel or  to the historic Hotel et de Milan, from the Principe di Savoia the main choice of international big stars, to the Boscolo Hotel in Montenapoleone, right beside the fashion district.

The best way to book is to directly check hotel availability but websites as booking.com or Airbnb can also be helpful searching engines online. So whether your choice is a chic hotel or a fashionable attic, the only recommendation we have is to book in advance because the city is full during the week and all the best places get booked. So hurry up!

Which brands are involved in Milan Fashion Week?

Italian designers have names like VALENTINO with his class, flawless cuts and the Red colour that the man himself invented elegantly match with his signature V. EMILIO PUCCI with his bright colours and his jersey. The 100% Italiano SALVATORE FERRAGAMO, born as a shoemaker for the Hollywood stars and now a well known worldwide brand. Then GUCCI, opening his first leather luggage shop in 1920 in Florence, handmade by the best artisans. VERSACE and ARMANI the main antagonists. One with his bright colours and provoking, sensual style the other sober and classic.

And again PRADA , ALBERTA FERRETTI, JIL SANDER, MAX MARA, FENDI, BOTTEGA VENETA, MOSCHINO AND MARNI. These and many others are the names of Made in Italy high fashion involved in the Milano Fashion Week.  Want to discover more about these designers? Then Milano Fashion Tour will take you to the heart of fashion to really discover the real made in Italy. 

How a Fashion Show works


Fashion shows usually last 15 to 20 minutes unless it is a special show. The waiting is 30/40 minutes and everything is by invitation. But what are the main concerns and tasks for those behind the scenes at such an important event as a fashion show? What should you do to make sure that everything always works and that no imperfection is visible? What do you “blend” into the head of the organizers in the previous weeks?

Let’s try to sum up, first of all, how the guests are divided during the fashion shows. Have you ever wondered who is entitled to the first row, who is not, who has to stand and all the other unwritten rules of the best shows?

The “front row” is reserved for those who buy a lot, the so called high budget guests and for those who always pay in advance or on time. Another fundamental rule of those who organize fashion events is to pay attention to sympathies, dislikes, rivalries. And in the end, you can’t make a show without the following figures that make a team, those who work behind the scenes: dressers, hairdressers, make up artists, tailors, videomakers, photographers, waiters, security all take part in making the show a magical experience.

When the moment of the countdown arrives, the rhythms accelerate, among the interviews and photo shots there are those who quickly stretch the last garments and those who retouch the hair and retouch the models make up. The success of a fashion show does not depend only on the designer’s creations or on a prestigious location, but also on the whole team that was able to give life to his creations. The fashion world has its actors and each of them puts his personality in sight. But basically what would the world of fashion be without irony and creativity?!

How to get tickets

Bad news: there are no tickets for the fashion shows as they are not open to the public but only to buyers and press and access is by invitation only.

MFW provides a concierge service to its guests, helps them find the hard to find tickets. But these are exclusive shows so it is very difficult to enter and those who manage to pass the very strict controls find themselves in the magical world of Milano high fashion.

Milano Fashion Week after parties

photoboot milano fashion

If a night out is what you are planning then MFW is the right week to be in the city. Beside catwalks Milan fashion weeks offers interesting activities. Whether you want to dance all night or a classy night out the city has a lot to offer. Rooftop bars, glamorous clubs with international DJs and much more fill the city with flashing lights and colours during the fashion week.

Where to go to attend one of the parties open to the public? The most important ones are at The Club, Milan Gate, Just Cavalli, Fabrique and Tunnel. But if you fancy a happy hour instead then you can try Terrazza Martini, where Dolce and Gabbana already held their after parties or the new Aperitivo in Piazza Affari. And don’t forget to collect a ticket before your night out. It is almost impossible to enter without a presale so you’d better book in advance you want to be out and about during the most fashionable week in town.

MFW public events

As with any self-respecting fashion week, Milan is filled with exclusive events, mostly by invitation. Yet every edition, initiatives open to the public are not lacking.

In the recent editions of Milano Fashion Week, some events have been under the spotlight. For those who want to discover the latest fashion trends, the 2019 edition offered:

The Fashion Hub Market, at the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci, which revealed the prêt-à-porter and accessory collections of some emerging brands to international press and buyers. The White salon, dedicated to womenswear and accessories of emerging brands: in four locations on Via Tortona.

We will keep you updated on this page about the public events of MFW 2020 edition so… come back soon!

How to follow the fashion show by livestream

If you cannot make it to the Italian capital of fashion on these fabulous weeks no worries! There are some ways to follow the MFW live on the internet.

An official LIVE STREAM of the Milano Fashion week is offered by different websites and you can also follow the most glamorous Italian event through social networks. And if you are not a fan of video stream but still prefer to live a fashion show, Milano Fashion Tour organise exclusive private fashion shows.

How to be part of Milano Fashion Week

And if you are not a fan of video stream but still prefer to live a fashion show, Milano Fashion Tour organise exclusive private fashion shows, and gives you the opportunity to take part to the exclusives fashion week presentations. Have a look to these videos!

Milano Fashion Tour Private Catwalk

Is it the Man Fashion Week 2020 you are looking for? Don’t worry as we will soon update our readers with an article that can help you with all the details to organise your visit to the Man Fashion Week in the best and most luxurious way.