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MILAN FASHION WEEK 2020 The Definitive Guide

Have you ever struggled to find information on Milano Fashion Week? When is it? Where is held? How can you get tickets? Such questions fill our minds as we want to be prepared to attend one of the most important fashion events in the world... and the internet does not always offer a complete answer.  [...]

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Milan Tour by Night: The Best Cocktail Bars in the City.

A mix of fashion, design and art: this is the reason why tourists come to visit Milan. During your Milan tour you can have a taste of authentic Made-in-Italy bespoke items and you can also admire artworks from every style and age, while visiting palaces and districts with a unique design. But this is just [...]

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Milan Tour is not only fashion: the Advices of Fontana Couture. Do you want to come in Milan and add something special to your Milan tour? If fashion is only your starting point and you want to try something special, then let yourself be seduced by the advices of Hetty Bankamp, a fashion-and-tailoring expert who works from years for one of the long-established atelier [...]

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Here’s what we have learnt from the latest MFW

Milano is all about fashion and there is no news in that, Milano Fashion Tour knows it well. But make no mistake, the air of the world’s capital of fashion bursts with novelties, starting from the latest trends coming straight from the catwalks of the latest Milan Fashion Week. Milano Fashion Tour loves the big [...]

The Merchant of Venice: a path into perfume excellence

Speaking about beauty, Italy owns a number of excellences. Not only we represent the Made in Italy reign, a country of culture and historical treasures, we also are the cradle of one of the most sophisticated luxury ever created by the human talent: the perfumery art. We rejoice in presenting you the latest superior experience [...]

How can you recognize a real italian fabric?

Maison Rubinacci is placed in Via Del Gesu, in the heart of Milan Fashion District. This Neapolitan Sartoria is a well-knowed institution of style in Italy and all over the world. MFT Manager Leandro Diana met Luca Rubinacci and asked him some precious advices about fabrics and garments: how do you recognize a real fashionable vintage [...]

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Fashionable Humans of Milan – part I

Milano Fashion Tour staff meets and portrays fashionable people in the streets of Milano. Citizens, tourists, businessmen, dandies, workers: everybody can be fashionable in his peculiar way. And this portraits turn it out! Check out and share on twitter  your favourite fashionable "Milanese"!  fashionable humans of milan Anne  (on the left) came to Milano to [...]

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Milano is a big, wonderful city, but the best places in town are not so well-knowed or advertised as in other big cities. You need friends living in Milano to know exactly what is the best thing to do. As example: What if you need a pleasant, fashionable hotel where to sleep after a day [...]

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