Do you want to come in Milan and add something special to your Milan tour? If fashion is only your starting point and you want to try something special, then let yourself be seduced by the advices of Hetty Bankamp, a fashion-and-tailoring expert who works from years for one of the long-established atelier in Milan, Fontana Couture. From nearly 100 years, Fontana Couture is located in the heart of the fashion district in Milan, the so-called Quadrilatero. The long-time tradition of the atelier is easily explained by its idea of fashion, expressed by classic bon ton collections which never get out of fashion. For this reason, who, better than Hetty, could show you the innest places in the city for your Milan tour?

According to Hetty, unlike London, Paris or Rome, Milan is quite small and, for this reason, not so stressful and chaotic. The area of Quadrilatero, the Milan fashion district, is the best example for that. Originating from a cross of four main streets, Quadrilatero is the place to be for fashion victims. Here they can choose between the best and refined ateliers or the well-known shops of fast and smart fashion. But Milan is not only clothes, shoes and bags. Here is a list of the places that show best the real spirit of the city and, for this reason, the Hetty’s loved ones.


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You cannot leave Milan until taking a step into Navigli, a navigable canal system where you can have a cocktail or a glass of wine while having fun in a unique atmosphere by the water. Romantic by day, charming by night, Navigli are one of the most representative place of Milan: people, music and the iconic Italian Aperitivo are here the protagonists. Indeed, this is the best place to have fun and where you can have a taste of a fine wine glass.

Are you looking for the most fashionable cocktail bar in the city? Then Isola district should definitely be on the top of your to-do-list in Milan: here you can relax and enjoy the lovely atmosphere of a renovated district, once a suburb of Milan. Not far from Isola district you will find Bosco Verticale, one of the most famous skyscrapers nowadays, which combines contemporary design with a touch of green, given by trees and plants that cover it from the base to the top. For this reason Bosco Verticale is a unique urban solution that tries to reduce pollution with innovation and design: it also means a great deal between nature and urban settlement.

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From Bosco Verticale, Gae Aulenti Square is easy to find and it is also the new city centre, the modern one. So, if you want to end with a bang your Milan tour, you have to take a step into the place: you will enjoy the spectacular water features that start at down, during the spring/summer season. In the middle of the square, a peculiar fountain, originating from the ground, will delight your view with a kaleidoscope of colours and sounds. This is a magical and fascinating water show so you definitely cannot leave Milan without having seen it. Moreover, here you can admire the UniCredit Tower, the Italian highest skyscraper. As Duomo is the symbol of the old Milan, UniCredit Tower is the emblem of a modern city which combines two souls.

This is just the beginning of your Milan tour: if you are an eager tourist willing to try all the best in Milan, discover Milano Fashion Tour for new unforgettable experiences.