When in Milan, do as the milanesi do… and, of course, style is the key word for the locals’ approach to life. So to have a great start in the city of fashion, glamour must be involved beginning with the hotel you choose for your stay. Here’s a first selection of the best hotels in Milan, five of the most up to date accommodations Italy has to offer, where culture and luxury walk hand in hand as well as prestige and an inimitable sense of sophistication.

1) Armani Hotel 


First thing first: fashion. Giorgio Armani is synonymous of the made in Italy sheer elegance, so a stay at the Armani Hotel should be a delicious option for a true style lover. Moreover the very act of entering the building is an inspiring experience itself: the neutral color palette gives the visitor an immediate sensation of sophistication, not to mention the calming effect these shades have on your mind and body. Placed in the heart of quadrilatero, the first choice of our selection among the best hotels in Milan will provide you a privileged point of view, almost like a proper insider!

2) Boscolo Milano 


It represents one of the finest expression of the creative spirit of the city and it is in the best location for your shopping sprees. Boscolo Hotel is all about a breathtaking design, eclectic is the word: the contrast between the 1920s style of the historic building by Italo Rota clashes delightfully with the avant-garde concept of the interiors. It will leave you in awe, just like the view of the Duomo that you can enjoy from the rooftop terrace, sipping champagne, just as you like. Please try also to arrange a stop at the enormous spa of the second entry of our best hotels in Milan list: not only the treatments are upper first class, but the silver globes decorating part of the ceiling and the walls a absolutely worth a look!

3) Room Mate Giulia


Feeling cosy as never been more stylish, moreover here you will enjoy the top of the boutique hotel experience. “Giulia, a set designer at Milan’s Teatro alla Scala, curious, meticulous, and exciting” is the character choosen by Room Mate’s creative minds to make you enter the Milan atmosphere in the best way you could imagine. Let’s start with an aperitivo at Giulia’s place then, where every living space sports its own style, according to the most contemporary design rules. The third item of our best hotels in Milan list is surely not to miss!

4) Château Monfort

Two words: contemporary luxury. A fairy-tale touch will charme you as soon as you walk in the reception, you will be surprised in staying in the very centre of a hectic metropolis and yet experiencing a suspended in time moment, which you can actually extend for all your stay in the capital of Italian fashion. A unique example of “Urban Château”, a worldwide novelty, that is totally worth of your attention. A little detail on our fourth pick for the best hotels in Milan that will satisfy your curiosity: taking a look at the staff’s uniform you will notice that nothing is ordinary, especially for the female crew, super elegant yet funny with fluttering and colorful dresses.


5) LaGare Hotel Milano Centrale

Last but not least in our best hotels in Milan selection is this accommodation, which will offer you the essence of Milan elegance starting from the very beginning thanks to the stained glass styled facade that, on certain evenings thanks to its lighting, will remind you of medieval cathedrals but in a contemporary guise. Starting from the design-inspired rooms, you will have at your disposition a gourmet restaurant – another Italian excellence – a spa and a rooftop bar, that will give you the access to one of the most evocative view of the city.