Our Workshop Tour is a superior experience.

Yes, it is true, we are pleased to guide you in the most exclusive tours of Milan’s fashion headquarters and of course, during the two hours and a half trip, you will be enriched by a direct knowledge of the Italian fashion system, but in order to put your hands on the very raw materials that constitute the core of Made in Italy, our Fashion Workshop Tour is by no means what you are looking for.


The beauty and the emotion of a first hand touch of the prestigious fabrics that make up the Italian excellence is something our audience will remember and cherish once back at their homes. The thrilling feeling of entering a real Italian tailor atelier, to hear in first person the tales coming from a talented artisan who has worked for the most famous Maisons, the possibility to  experiment side by side such an artistry, is exactly what makes the Fashion Workshop Tour such a treat for people worldwide.

The most confidential documentation will be accessible for our clients, that can leaf through company records and archives, documents that testify the glorious history of a designer. A proper inside view: actually there is no better way to acknowledge fashion history, especially for an audience so fond of Made in Italy culture. You will also admire archive items, beautiful witnesses not only of how fashion has changed through the years, but also of how sartorial creations remain true pieces of art despite the passing of time. Moreover you can satisfy your curiosity taking a look at the VIPs the designer has dressed and in what occasions, maybe with some interesting anecdotes to be heard!


The process of creating an Italian piece of fashion will unfold under your eyes: starting from the sketches, through the choice of the suitable fabric and the modeling stage, to the proper sewing of the piece. Some lucky guests may also try it on, testing on his/her skin how it feels to dress the Italian way. You will appreciate the whole development of a garment, learning untold tricks of the trade, giving body and shape to a passion that has lead you to a matchless experience like this one you are about to live.

Please be aware that custom made requests by our clients are always very welcome and that you will be free to ask all the questions you will have in mind, enjoying the unique opportunity to speak directly with an insider professional.

Write us for more information and, of course, for your reservation of the Fashion Workshop Tour!