How to dress impeccably: if this was the subject of some sort of sport league, team Milan would be the top player. The understated elegance of the city of fashion has no equal in the whole world and in order to honor this record, Milan Fashion Tour squad has decided to create an exclusive video to make sure you receive all the style secrets the city of Made in Italy has to offer: you are very welcome to watch the Milan Fashion Tour Style Guide “How to dress with Italian style”.


So, if you want to visit Milan as a pro, take a careful look at Antonella’s style guide and tips, it will show how to dress with Italian style. Since class is not an opinion, we are sure this tutorial will be a handy help to make you feel at your ease in every situation Milano has to offer to its visitors. Moreover Antonella’s moves will show you some special corners of the city’s Fashion District as well as some of the most expensive streets of Milan, where being fashionable is a must.

Milan it is not New York, in fact it is classier. You can have your Breakfast at Tiffany’s even in Via della Spiga and, following Antonella’s advices about being stylish in your day in Milan, you will live a memorable day.

Opting for a Fontana Couture blazer is a good start, for example, accessorizing it with Tità Bijoux, where “more is better”, is a perfect continuation. Gianfranco Lotti leather goods are others key pieces to keep in your perfectly stylish wardrobe to make your better impression in the streets of  Milano. Match them with some classic Alfonso Garlando shoes and your look will be compete. To close your day with style you can also opt for an aperitivo at Montenapoleone VIP lounge followed by a visit at Giacomo Arengario’s Balcony, with its astonishing view on the Duomo.


Admiring Milan’s monuments hopping on city historical trams? Milan Fashion Tour Style Guide will suggest you the best outfit out there. Strolling around the city centre for some shopping? Milan Fashion Tour Style Guide provides the best advice to keep you comfortable and alla moda. Entering the most fashionable boutiques? Listen to what Milan Fashion Tour Style Guide has to say about it!


From a sartorial coat, to precious accessories, from red heels to make up hints to be perfect when lounging in the most posh venues… enjoy our how to dress with Italian style video, enjoy our tours!