One afternoon we decided to sit down in a downtown café with our fashion guide Antonella to find out more about her secrets as a fashion expert in one of the most fashionable cities in the world: Milan. In front of a cappuccino in the cozy Armani Cafè Antonella shared a few interesting style, fashion and lifestyle tips with us.

Antonella moved to Milano 11 years ago to study at Bocconi where she specialized in “Management of Fashion, Luxury and Design brands”. Over the years she has worked as a buyer for various fashion brands such as Valentino and Moncler and now she deals with communication and events for Delights Entertainment. Antonella has been with us for a few years now and she likes to share with people who are not in the industry a bit of how the “fashion world” works.

Her passion for fashion runs in the family. Her mum has always had an exceptional taste and knew a little of everything about various luxury brands. So at the early age of 12 Antonella started subscribing to several magazines like “Glamor” and “Elle”. What was only a passion has also become a job.

The fashion world involves a lot of travelling and always looking for new trends in different countries. Milan has welcomed Antonella in many differet ways. Certainly, living in the Italian capital of fashion where all fashion companies are, has its perks. Especially for a woman who has always been fascinated by big cities. She didn’t know what it would have been like to live here, having been born in a fairly small village but Antonella instantly fell in love with this city from day one and she would never change it.

The city has been a real discovery for Antonella with cool events every night where she is lucky enough to participate because over the years she has built up a fairly large network of acquaintances. It is a city where you can move easily and it offers a lot from cinema, theater, various courses, shopping, restaurants.

We asked Antonella for some style tips.

But how can you become a real Milanese?

“The real Milanese – says Antonella – is a person full of energy, who goes out every night, who knows all the new restaurant openings, who always has a weekend or a trip planned, who has no time to lose, combines everything perfectly and has only the “right” friendships. Also known as the “fighettino”. The main style tip our fashion guide gave us is to always be ready for any eventuality. Because the Milanese goes to work with the right outfit, to be always ready to go out at night”.

How a fashion milanese should dress?

For women, Antonella suggests a beautiful blouse in pastel colors with a bow at the collar, paired with an oversize blazer, perhaps on satin gray, all on high-waisted cigarette trousers (“so not beyond the ankle”, she specifies) and heeled pumps with swarovski details. Obviously sparkling bijoux should never miss to complete the look.

For men she would say turtleneck with a combined jacket, pants (also ankle length) and a beautiful moccasin. In winter maybe even a nice beige coat resting on the shoulders. “With these simple all-day – says Antonella – looks you will be ready as the Milanese never knows what he/she will do in the evenings”

And what about her? How does a business woman in the fashion industry get ready for a day in Milano? Three things Antonella cannot do without are her perfume, “Merchant of Venice and Dahli are my favorites”. which, depending on the fragrance, says who you are.

“Merchant of Venice and Dahli are my favorites and I always use a different one for the day and for the evening.”

The accessories because even while wearing a single-color tshirt and jeans they always make her feel different and original.

And a pair of black décolléte heels to keep in the office that can be combined whatever the occasion might be, a meeting, an aperitif, a dinner to always be perfect.

And what about her favourite places in Milano? Any tips on the most glamorous restaurants and bars?

She mentions three: the Bulgari Hotel where, especially in the summer, she likes to spend hours on the sofas in the garden for the evening aperitif or the Mandarin Oriental after dinner where she goes for breakfast in the weekends. She likes it because they have crazy two-tone chocolate croissants and then she can do some shopping or my city tours because it’s just a few steps away from Via Montenapoleone and the Duomo. Being a sushi lover, as most real Milanese, Antonella recommends Sushi Neta, a small restaurant with a few tables to taste the best sushi in Milan.

A business woman, a glamorous fashion guide and a real Milanese trendsetter. What is Antonella’s secret to success in the busy world of Milan and its Fashion industry?

“I would say that walking on foot in the uncommon streets makes you discover very special little places (restaurants, small shops …). ” She always does this and when she comes home and always very happy because in addition to discovering new things she also change the usual routine of always walking the usual roads. Another secret is to always be open to new professional and personal knowledge … Milan is a city that opens several doors and offers various opportunities that need to be grasped.

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