Speaking about beauty, Italy owns a number of excellences. Not only we represent the Made in Italy reign, a country of culture and historical treasures, we also are the cradle of one of the most sophisticated luxury ever created by the human talent: the perfumery art.

We rejoice in presenting you the latest superior experience ideated by Milan Fashion Tour in collaboration with a true master in the perfumery art: The Merchant of Venice.

This brand, which is an absolute synonym of the highest quality range talking about perfumes, teams up with Milano Fashion Tour to offer you a brand new formula, which we are sure will delight our clients’ fine taste.

We are about to present you our latest workshop, which will make you aware – and will leave you in an awe too! – of the pure essence of the charming perfume world, which finds in Italy its very first thriving trade. Our journey will start from the very glorious past of one of Northern Italy most enchanting cities (beside Milan, of course): Venice, where culture and beauty still live together.

Thanks to institutions in the fashion universe such as The Merchant of Venice, we are now assisting to a new perfume Renaissance, where the most important sense of all is the sense of luxury.

The Merchant of Venice is a distinctive label that brings to a vast worldwide clientele the finest artisan-like essences but, moreover, it brings awareness and light on the importance of the perfume history.

It all began back in the days – in Venice, naturally – where a stunning Oriental princess came to marry the Doge. It was 1075 circa. The mesmerizing charm of this one of a kind noble woman brought a lot of novelties in the Serenissima and unknown fragrances were among these. Soon Venice became the greatest importer of fragrance extracts, which diluted in pure spirit gave birth to a very first form of perfume. During the Renaissance the Serenissima also became one of the biggest producer of soaps, perfumes and rouges.

This achievement is something we continue to celebrate today, especially in the globe’s capital of beauty and fashion, Milan, where The Merchant of Venice has one of its headquarter, in the magnificent district of art: Brera.

From Brera you will take the first steps on the enthralling path into the perfume secrets. We love to propose you this workshop, during which you will touch first hand all the perfume’s hows and whys. But there is more.

In the course of our lush experience you will be able to create your own unique fragrance, thanks to an exclusive kit and all the expertise The Merchant of Venice crew members will gladly provide you.

You will go back home holding the scent of Italian purest charm, something nobody else will experience the same way you did thanks to this highly personalized opportunity. The peculiar aroma of an élite experience is waiting for you in one of the most classy, intimate and posh context you will savour in the city of the Quadrilatero.

Picture by Nicola Lederer – Visit her travel blog https://www.suitcaseandwanderlust.com/category/countries-en/europe/italy/ and discover Italy and Venice!

Do not miss this chance, take a fashionable trip down the perfumery art with us and The Merchant of Venice.