Passion for fashion, it has no age. We know it for sure, that is why we created a special deal for young groups eager to experience the best of Milan fashion world with us, Milano Fashion Tour.

We are talking about a carefully studied tour formula, which is the result of our best solutions to visit the city of Milan under the name of Made in Italy.

This student special combination will lead you and your friends to live first hand the top, yet hidden, experiences the city of Milan has to offer you: come one, discover with s the latest Milano Fashion Tour proposal.

Let’s go straightforward: one hour in the streets of luxury, half an hour on Milan’s trademark trams and one hour in one of the most prestigious atelier in the ultra famous Corso Como. That’s how we do it… and we already know you will enjoy it to the fullest.

First step: a classy stroll in the streets of the proverbial Fashion District, the Quadrilatero della Moda, if you want to say it as a true milanese. Your eyes will be filled with beauty: after all the art and the natural beauty the streets of the Capital of fashion have already unveiled for your curiosity pleasure, here there is the unique wit of the designers and their marvelous shopping windows, a modern gem the world world looks up to when we think about class, and style and the future of elegance.

Not to mention the spectacular buildings and architectures that will surround you and your friends in this lovely walk in our company. Prepare your cameras, you will have crazy Instagram feeds! And do not forget to take note of the shops and boutiques you will love the most: you can always come back for a shopping spree for the best fashion items. Milano Fashion Tour will be delighted to advice you even in this phase of your Italian visit.

Second of all, you have to cruise the city like a true local, and with us you can be sure you will do it. So, let’s go, just hop on a tram on the historical centre line, the one that still sports trams with the roaring twenties interiors or the gentle Fifties ones. From their wide windows, sit on the typical wooden benches, you will savor a number of city corners you will be surprised by. Urban beauty overload promised! It is also a good occasion to take a look at the milanesi’s street style and get inspired by their hugely admired understated elegance in every situation.

And third: browsing the chic Corso Como – make sure to take a look around, you can easily spot some celebrity here – we will escort you and your group of friends in the atelier of one of our fashion enfant prodige, today a relevant spokesperson for the highest Italian fashion standards. But most importantly, here you will have the change to be part of our workshop experience. It means you will witness the in the making process of a pure Made in Italy creation. Fashion at its roots! You will create a piece yourself, you will live all the sensation, the emotions and the magic that comes from touching fabrics, admiring exclusive models and patterns… it does not get more insider than this!

Contact Milano Fashion Tour for more information for our most complete tour ever. We are looking forward to meet you!