In our everyday life, when we think of fashion, the most well-known brands are the only ones that come into our mind. Nevertheless, we are able to create our own style, according to our tastes and habits, but fashion is also something else. The most fashionable experience you could have is the tailoring experience, even more than participating to a fashion show. By creating our own skirt, dress or costume, we are able to put the technique at the service of the creativity. If we know how to make a piece of clothing, then we will be the unique creator of our personal style. The good news is that you can start creating items of clothing during your Milan tour: an unforgettable experience to feel what fashion really is in Milan. Let’s see where you can have a first step into the art of tailoring.

Corso Como is one of the loveliest places in the city to add to you Milan tour. Why? Because it is located in the new centre of the city, where you can have a taste of the famous Italian Aperitivo. Moreover, Corso Como is also not so far from Brera, the Design District, and from the UniCredit Tower, the highest skyscraper in Milan. But these are not the reasons why we are talking about Corso Como. Here, at the Sartoria Fiorella, you can learn everything that matters to create a hand-made garment. Fiorella Ciaboco is a Master Tailor in Milan: her passion in tailoring drove her to create a special partnership with Milano Fashion Tour, the only tour in Milan that shows what fashion really is. Indeed, Milano Fashion Tour gave Fiorella the opportunity to set up tailoring workshops for the ones who do not know nothing about the tailoring art. She is  just one of the Master Tailors in Milan that collaborates with Milano Fashion Tour.




First of all, the knowledge of our body is essential. If we do not know how to measure properly our body parts, we cannot even imagine to start drawing a paper pattern. As Fiorella would say during your Milan tour: “we start from the basics”. After this preliminary part, Fiorella and her apprentices choose together the fabric, according to the item selected. For example, a t-shirt requires a different fabric from a skirt or a jacket. Now is the time for the paper pattern: every apprentice has his own shedule where to note body mesures. While drawing, Fiorella supervises the apprentice work, in order to design the perfect item.

Once completed the paper pattern, it is time to cut the cloth and really create the item. This is the best part of Fiorella’s workshop: you can clearly see the fabric becoming alive, step by step. You will feel the unique sensation of creating something with your own hands, an unforgettable experience that will enrich your Milan tour like no others. Moreover, the tailoring art is not only technique or just creativity: it is a perfect bound between both of them. For this reason, it is something that can be learned by everyone, only using a pinch of concentration and a lot of enthusiasm.




The keyword for such an unforgettable Milan tour is only one: beauty. Indeed, we can be more accurate: custom-made beauty. In Fiorella’s work, the most important skill to learn is understanding which item of clothing matches perfectly with your body. Everyone is unique, therefore there is a perfect item for everyone of us, we only need to find it. But with this precious workshop it will be easier. Of course, creativity is the guide of the tailoring project and it is also the way we express ourselves and our own style. Nevertheless, Fiorella says that pure creativity, without considering the market trend, is useless: the aim of everyone who works, even the artists, is to sell what they produce or create. If the item created has no market place, then it is just a fancy, nothing more.

One last advice from Fiorella, before going on with your Milan tour? The importance of finish. When creating an item of clothing, finish is what really makes the difference between a bespoke item and a ready-to-wear one. So, the more refined your finish is, the more exclusive your item is.


At the end of this marvelous experience, the apprentice can bring him home the item realised and also the paper pattern.

Are you wondering how to participate? Just write to Milano Fashion Tour and book your workshop experience! If it is not enough, you will find the Milan tour that perfectly matches with you.