1) Hop on a tram and have dinner on board

Trams are one of the city symbols, especially those from the roaring 1920s that still fiercely travel the very heart of the city, leaving the non-milanese population in a awe with their wooden sits and fluted glass lampshades. The ATM transport authority managed to create something magic out of them, able to enchant the milanesi and tourists as well: ATMosfera is a special line of restyled trams, that are active on special evening rides during which you can enjoy a delicious meal and treat yourself to a glass of fine wine while admiring some of the most iconic Milan monuments and street.

In order to flag the first adventure on your fabulous What to do in Milan list, make sure to make your reservation here!

2) Spot the pink flamingos in Villa Invernizzi


You read it well, there are free pink flamingos in one of the biggest Italian metropolis. Her’s the story: Villa Invernizzi was the mansion of the namesake Italian entrepreneur, who loved mother nature so much that, in the Seventies, he decided to recreate a special side of earthy paradise in his elegant city garden. The flamingos still live there, in Corso Venezia, loved and admired by curious pedestrians that peep on them through the villa’s gates. You should pay a visit to this exquisite liberty building – now a search institute, Fondazione Invernizzi – that also features a roof garden from which you can look on the city skyline, a rose garden dear to Enrica Invernizzi and a splendid magnolias corner.

To flag the second attraction on your What to do in Milan list, a good stroll in the elegant Corso Venezia is definitely a good beginning: Villa Invernizzi is in the nearby street, via dei Cappuccini 7, a truly hidden beauty.

3) Hit the bull’s eye


Well, not the eye really. It is a common belief among the locals that there is a special place in the city centre, which can make everyone lucky after a very simple ritual. We are talking about Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and its bull mosaic or better, its “family jewels”, to be precise. The tradition states that to spin round clockwise with the heel of the right foot placed on the genitals of the bull brings immediate good luck. Maybe this belief takes its origin from an ancient rivalry between the cities of Milan and Turin: the bull is actually Turin’s emblem. For this reason the mosaic has been renovated more than a time, but hey, it’s worth to take your chance and mark the third point on the What to do in Milan list!

4) Enter the time machine courtesy of Villa Necchi Campiglio


Another day, another villa. This time we want to talk about Villa Necchi Campiglio, a slice of heaven just outside the most crowded areas of Milan. Not only a special place to detox from all the splendor downtown Milan has to offer, but also a unique opportunity to visit an amazing 1930s building that seems to be spared by the passing of time. Here you can find original furniture designed by architect Piero Portaluppi in addition to entire wardrobes still full of the former owners’ extremely elegant clothes. Nevertheless the secret ingredient of Villa Necchi Campiglio charm is the super duper good taste that every corner of the place exhale.

The villa is in via Mozart 14, now you can really say that our What to do in Milan list sounds good! To know all the details and book your visit, just send a mail here.

5) Not the ordinary pizza


Yes, it is true, Milan is not the capital of pizza, it leaves that record to Naples. However there are quite a few places in the city of the Duomo that can conquer your heart in this matter. Spontini is the case. Literally everyone in Milan and hereabouts have tasted at least once a slice of pizza made by Spontini, one of the few restaurant chain – with a well renewed take away service – with shops open all night long. Since 1953 it is one of the historic pit stop for la dolce vita by night or, as the local prefer to say, for the movida milanese. With a unique recipe and high quality ingredient you will be delighted to try one this local habit more than once during your trip!

Spontini’s pizza is last but not least at all on our What to do in Milan fashionable guide, to study the store locations of this delicious treat, click here!

For those who understand Italian, an ultimate advise: make sure not to miss the LIKIBU guide, a precious handbook for your adventures in Milan!