Milano is all about fashion and there is no news in that, Milano Fashion Tour knows it well.

But make no mistake, the air of the world’s capital of fashion bursts with novelties, starting from the latest trends coming straight from the catwalks of the latest Milan Fashion Week.

Milano Fashion Tour loves the big names in the industry, but at the same time wants you to discover the hidden gems of Made in Italy and its trademarks that can make your style unique, providing that hint of inspiration which makes all the difference.

So here’s for you four major insights we appreciated the most during this fall-winter Milan Fashion Week, feel free to enjoy our pure made in Italy allure and to treasure it for the next cold season to come.

1) Futuristic patchwork

Patterns are everything next winter, a fusion of motives and decorations will be a must on every look. The secret to make the best of it is to go for a futuristic twist. Be bold and choose to mix different fabrics, vintage inspired details next to the new generation print revolution. Take a look at Giulia Marani’s work for the historical family brand, founded  more than thirty years ago by her father Angelo. Beauty is not an option.

2) Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn

Fairy tales are one of the most influential leit motiv lately. The universe of fashion is very keen to the mythological charm we have all adored as children, so much that still today it does not fail to mesmerize us. Have you seen, for example, the Unicorn shoes? Could they get more lovely than that? The young and talented Francesca Bellavita created an enchanted collection with a slight Eighties echo which suits perfectly the modern day strong princess.3) No faux pas with a faux fur

Faux fur is ethical and beautiful at the same time. The best of both worlds that happens to be a hit next season too. We have witnessed a lot of furrish coats, more often than not embellished by an animalier motive which add a touch of cruelty free wilderness to every outfit. Welcome to the urban jungle! Hanita had its own version of this trend and we are madly in love with it (Hanita created also a furry version of the most comfortable slippers, check them out!).

4) Racing couture

Big cars are another Italian excellence and sometimes the racing world hits the catwalk too with all its energetic grace. Made in Italy philosophy is the point of conjunction that gathers the bikers/vintage cars trend we appreciated during MFW with a brand that we are fond of, Mr&Mrs. If only bikers could always look as deliciously elegant as this collection!