Milan is a city with worlds to offer to its visitors: not only it is the Capital of Made in Italy, with straight-out-of-magazines streets and peculiar corners every fashion lover would adore to photograph, it is also the midpoint of stylish opportunities, like the one we are about to tempt you with.

It is the ultimate delicacy for fashion gourmets, the perfect solution for a one of a kind trip in Milan, something you will feel grateful to have opted for: we give you The Style Project tour formula.

Purchasing this unique fashion experience, you will make the best of your Italian holiday being the protagonist of a treat to some of the best and most valued Italian expertise. You will have the opportunity to spend some quality time with two of the most sought-after professionals in the business.

The Style Project  will bring you the wisdom of a style consultant and a make up artist, the Italian way, which means the best way out there when we talk about fashion sense and a bespoke concept of elegance.

Together with a selection of designer creations and high top cosmetics, the consultants will spend with you a precious couple of hours having the most interesting conversation about the Italian attitude towards fashion, style and everyday sophistication to be on point in whatever situation you will be at, here on your Italian holiday as well as back at home, to your everyday activities.

The cream of the behind the scenes professional roles will be at your disposal for tips and tricks about fashion and the most juicy aspect of it all is that you can play the model, receiving precious insights about the best styling you can give to your persona in order to be the best, the most stylish, version of yourself.

From hair style ideas that best suit your face shape or your hair type, to the make up coluor palette to adopt on your day by day at work to impress your boss and colleagues, to the sartorial expedient to look taller, slimmer, bolder or simply more like yourself, we have it all to boost your confidence and style knowledge, fashion wise of course.

The Style Project  will give you first hand what Italians, and milanesi above all, do better: be elegant, impeccably dapper, and yet unique.

Please contact us to discover all the details of The Style Project tour formula, the only tour in Milan that makes you live the Italian fashion universe in full!