They say wisdom is power, but in this case wisdom is pure luxury!

If you are hungry for fashion knowledge, we know the exact right place for you to visit with us. In Milan, of course!

We are talking about Milan Fashion Library, the one and only place where to find an original 1900 Harper’s Bazar edition next to a 1931 Vogue’s! Here you can also put your hands on more sectorial and rare magazines like Lidel, La Donna, Les Jardin des Modes and La Mode Illustrée, the most important historical magazine born in Paris in 1860.

In the typically bohemian chic quarter of the Navigli, in the very heart of the design district, here it stands this fashion institution. In this captivating location students, business insiders, but also fashion enthusiasts and bookhaholics of all sorts, come to get their inspiration on thanks to the most important historical archive in the industry. Actually Milan Fashion Library is the richest archive in Europe, with Italian and international magazines, trend books, prints and catalogs from the late 1800s to today.

Born from a private collection, Milan Fashion Library is also headquarter of many newspapers such as Urban Magazine, Riders, Fashion Illustrated, Soccer Illustrated, Italy Illustrated, Equestrian illustrated and the The Lifestyle Journal.

Milan Fashion Library is also a cultural hub for the fashion publishing world, organizing every month meetings and events, successfully managing to keep constantly alive the dialogue between reader and publisher. Moreover  several cultural events contribute to enrich the Milan Fashion Library agenda. We are talking about workshops and seminars, iconographic exhibitions and any other event you can imagine under the sign of fashion.

To stay well informed in the universe of culture, design and style we also recommend Coco News, a great portal to be fashionably up-to-date.

Our tour in this fashion Mecca, in this reading paradise, is something unique, a really evocative experience of the past and present glories of style, where you can always spy on someone enraptured in the bliss coming from the 60.000 titles entirely dedicated to fashion, textiles and clothing, as well as from the view of fashion shows on dvds, digital look-books, reportages, commercials and interviews. If you are lucky enough, during your trip in Milan Fashion Library you could also buy the magazine edition you were looking for since forever to complete your connoisseur collection back at home!

We are so very pleased to take our guests in the exploration of Milan Fashion Library splendid spaces, that feature a contemporary taste and yet a timelessly elegant grace. Visiting the cinema with its special seats, the exquisitely understated lounge area or the meeting place, which sports a “Mondrianic” appeal, you will also appreciate one of the city most typical building from the inside, furnished in a pure milanese design. Yes, once again, a true insider tour!

Please contact us to get in touch with one of the gems of the fashion system, a real living and breathing museum. Do not miss the opportunity to visit a place like no other in the whole continent: Milan Fashion Library.