Is it possible to organise a Milan tour which combines different types of activities? Obviously the answer is yes, even though Milan is the city that runs fast. This is how Italians define the city, with its busy streets where people are always in a hurry. Walking down the streets you can feel the energy and the speed all around you, while fashion collections are blinking at you from the shop windows. This is how a Milan tour starts. In a city like this, it seems to be difficult to make a complete Milan tour without neglecting something. But, with the right advices, everything is possible.

The perfect bond between the two aspects that build up the city – fashion and speed – are the reasons why Federico Sangalli, fashion designer with his own atelier, loves Milan. Federico have had the opportunity to born, grow up and work in his birthplace, which is also one of the most important city for fashion nowadays. From 1954, Atelier Sangalli is the expression of a high-tailoring experience and Federico Sangalli is a second-generation tailor, who has made his greatest passion a job. While you are in Milan, it is a unique experience to see with your own eyes what Federico manages to create with his tecnique. It is something that goes beyond the simple art of tailoring. For this reason, Federico would ask you not to stop to what you see in Milan, but to look deeper at its hidden and peculiar corners.




In your Milan tour, fashion is, of course, the starting point but not everything to look at. As Federico is used to saying, “Milan is not a beautiful woman but we love it”. Milan has a gentle charm but it is not so easy to find if you don’t know where to look for it during your Milan tour. Indeed, Federico suggests to pay attention to the small courts, the fascinating corners and to the historical sites of Milan.

Parco delle Basiliche is the perfect example of a place where nature blends with history: a piece of art and a peaceful garden where to discover the second soul of Milan, the romantic and secret one. During the XV century, Parco delle Basiliche was the favourite location for tanners and armourers, who used to create weapons for parades and medieval festivals. Then, it became the place for criminals executions: many years ago, where once the gallows raised, you can now admire the statue of San Lazzaro. The entire area of Parco delle Basiliche is also known as Piazza della Vetra: here, during the Thirteen century, women charged with witchery were burned alive. Nowadays, young people are used to having fun in Piazza della Vetra, without knowing nothing about the terrible past of the place.




For a Milan tour that combines modernity and history, it is also worth admiring the two cathedrals of San Lorenzo and Sant’Eustorgio, both located in Parco delle Basiliche. In San Lorenzo, a sixteen-century dome will take your breath away, togheter with the amazing paleochristian mosaics. Sant’Eustorgio and its bell tower host the Three Wise Men relics and, for this reason, the cathedral is consacrated to the Saint who brought the relics in Milan, Eustorgio. During your Milan tour, if you look at the two cathedrals only from the outside, you could not imagine the treasures that they contain: this is what happens for every place, palace and church in Milan. Why? Because Milan is a shy but precious city: it would never win your love with flashy and tacky attractions. Milan shows itself little by little and only to those who really want to discover its hidden and fascinating soul.

Are you missing fashion already? Nothing to worry about. Milano Fashion Tour would be pleased to create a customised tour in the most fashionable ateliers in the city, making your staying in Milan the most exciting experience of your Milan tour.