As in many other big and crowded cities, in Milan you are surrounded by the stores of the most important and well-known fashion brands. But, what Milan offers to you as an added value to your Milan tour is the Made in Italy experience, not only in fashion, but also in design, jewelry and so on. The Ciro Pistarino Tailoring is one of the precious gem of this artisan world. Ciro’s Atelier is one of the latest expression of the highest art of tailoring, entirely Made in Italy, indeed Made in Milan.

It is not a coincidence that Ciro’s atelier is located in Milan: not only is Milan the new capital of fashion, but it is also the italian city that, better than the others, manages to mix tradition with modernity. In Brera, the heart of the Design District, Ciro Pistarino established his temple of tailoring, where he creates bespoke suits for those who want to be unique everyday. Not just the Atelier of Ciro Pistarino could be part your Milano tour, it is the entire design district that deserves your time.

At the entrance of the atelier, you can immediately feel the passion and the hard work that reign in the atelier. The colors of the different types of cloth swatches will embrace you: after this mystic experience with hand-crafted suits, you will hardly enter again common fashion stores during your Milan tour.




Maybe, in this moment, you will be wondering: “how can I find the fabric that perfectly matches with my essence?” For Ciro the answer is not so simple: the circumstance in which you will wear the suit is, of course, the starting point. For example, a wedding is quite different from a dinner meeting, therefore different fabrics are required for each one of them. Also the season is something to look at when creating a suit: unlike the figure we have in our mind, the tailor’s work is a seasonal one. For this reason, if you have to wear your suit in June, the fabrics to choose among are the natural and light ones, such as linen or cotton.

If you wold ask Ciro what is his favourite fabric, he will answer with no esitation: Solaro. This special type of fabric was created and patented in Great Britain and was created as military fabric. Why Solaro is so precious to Ciro? Because this fabric is perfect for every season: it is a canvas and, for this reason, perfect for the spring/summer season. Moreover Solaro’s texture is quite similar to a winter fabric, therefore it is also perfect for the coldest days.




Surrounded by all the sort of fabrics, a tailoring Milan tour will show you a piece of Made in Italy often hidden and forgotten, even by the Italians themselves. This is a world that includes other important ateliers in Milan: Federico Sangalli Atelier, Fontana Couture and Atelier Fiorella by Fiorella Ciaboco are additional examples of the high-tailoring ateliers Made in Italy, which you can add to your Milan tour. Nevertheless, Milan, as Italy as a whole, is not only fashion. Here, artisan perfumery, like Merchant ofVenice, small design shops or handcrafted jewelry laboratories will enrich your staying in the city. And, if you do not know where to find all this Made in Italy beauty, the best tour in Milan, Milano Fashion Tour, will delight you with unforgettable experiences in the city.

For the best Milan Tour, Milano Fashion Tour will guide you throughout the wonders of fashion in Milan. What are you waiting for?