Fashion is still the reason why the majority of tourists come to visit Milan. However, there is also an unexpected way to enjoy the city, a unique workshop experience you can add to your Milan tour: a perfume workshop.


In one of the most famous district in Milan, Brera, is based a historical perfumery, nothing to compare with the ones we see in our everyday life. It is not a coincidence that this kind of perfume boutique is located in Brera: this is the so-called Design District, which hosts art galleries, fine pastry shops, stores of emerging designers or tailors and, last but not the least, Merchant of Venice, the perfume shop that celebrates the ancient perfumery art of Venice. Every corner of this district deserves your attention and also a place on your Milan tour list.

Entering the perfume shop, you will be surrounded by mirrors and red walls that recall the palaces of Venice. All the typical elements that remind Venice are gathered here: the fine art of glass, the red colour and the fragrances. Alessia, the store manager of the Merchant of Venice boutique, works also as a perfumer, an important detail. Therefore, she collaborates with Milano Fashion Tour, leading for it a perfume workshop, a marvelous experience that allows you to create your own perfume by mixing different kinds of fragrances. At the end of the experience you will bring home a piece of magic from your Milan tour, something you can smell everyday to relieve all that glow. As you can read, it is something you cannot miss during your Milan tour.


As a perfumer, Alessia will introduce you to the ancient perfumery Italian art, especially the perfumery art of Venice. All the fragrances can be divided into different types and here you can have the uncommon possibility to create your own mix. During the workshop you will learn all about the ancient magnificence of the Medieval Venice, where fragrances arrived from the flourishing trade routes with the East. This way Venice had the access to all the most precious and rare materials there was at that time, fragrances included. For a special Milan tour, Alessia will show you all the secrets to create a perfect and balanced fragrance, according to your taste and personality. As Alessia always says, “There is not the perfect perfume, there is only the fragrance that let us to feel comfortable in every circumstance”.

After this charming experience, it would be difficult to come back to reality. For this reason, Alessia has an advice for you: she suggests to add another magic place to your Milan tour, so you can come back to your ordinary life little by little. Alessia’s favourites places in Milan are the hidden courts, the ones you have to find behind the historical palaces of the city. One of the most famous and characteristic court of Milan is Orto di Brera, a little gem in the centre of Milan. Orto di Brera is not properly a court. Indeed, it is a garden located in the very centre of Milan and it is also Alessia’s favourite one for a simple reason: If you visit it during the different seasons of the year, you will see how such an amazing and historical garden, like this one, can be new and different every time you cross it.

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