Milan is full of places that deserve to be seen and discovered. For this reason, you will need an expert, a special guide that will show you the best places in Milan, the ones you have definitely to add to your Milan tour. Fashion is still the reason why tourists come to visit the city, but there is much more to experience in Milan. Sonia, as fashion guide for Milano Fashion Tour, can show you the innest places of the city, the ones you cannot miss when visiting Milan. So, take a look to the top three best places for your Milan tour by Sonya.

La Prosciutteria

First of all, you have to try La Prosciutteria in Brera district, a typical italian restaurant where you can find all the most famous Italian dishes, such as prosciutto and parmigiano. But why Sonya wants you to add a restautant to your Milan tour? Well, what makes Italy famous abroad, except for fashion of course, is food. For this reason, you won’t have a complete Milan tour experience without having tasted the original Italian dishes.


Dolce and Gabbana Martini Bar

In the heart of the Fashion District, the well-known Quadrilatero della moda, you will find Dolce and Gabbana Martini bar. Located in Corso Venezia, Martini bar welcomes you in a fashionable atmosphere. Here you will join beautiful people having their smart drinks and cocktails, surrounded by a unique street-view. For Sonya this is a special place: she had her first Italian aperitivo there, so check it out and add it to your Milan tour.


Villa Invernizzi

Last but not the least, Villa Invernizzi is a liberty palace with a small and hidden garden in the centre of Milan. Unfortunately, tourists are not allowed to visit the palace, which is a private house. However, from the railings, you will have the chance to admire something really unusual for a crowded city like Milan: a group of pink flamingos walking around the palace garden. Flamingos are the reason why people love to come to Villa Invernizzi, even though they have to see them from afar. As you can imagine, this is a peaceful place where breath out, relax and enjoy a piece of nature, just in the middle of the city.


milan tourA view of one of the most famous places in Milan where to enjoy Italian Aperitivo, Navigli.


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