Are you in Milan just for one day? There is nothing to worry about. Even in a few hours you can experience a complete Milan tour, you just need to follow the right advices. Milan, the capital of fashion and design, has a lot to show to the tourists so, even with a small selection, it is possible to catch the spirit of Milan. Let`s begin our Milan tour from the symbol of the city, the main cathedral, Duomo, and the well-known Piazza del Duomo.

After visiting Duomo, on the left side of the cathedral it is possible to admire the city`s contemporary art collection hosted in a fascist-era building, Palazzo dell`Arengario. The Museo del Novecento, a contemporary art museum, has been open since 2010, when the building was finally rinconverted and provided with a spiralling indoor ramp that connects the underground level to a terrace overlooking Piazza del Duomo. Moreover, on the left side of the building, an external staircase connects the adjacent Palazzo Reale – once belonging to the royal Italian family of Savoia – to the museum rooftop, where you can find the stylish Giacomo Arengario restaurant. In the museum there is a permanent collection of futurists, spatialism and Arte Povera artworks divided in sections. If you are passionate about art, you must have it on your Milan tour list.



For a leap into the history of Milan, you need to add to your Milan tour the Castello Sforzesco. Magnificently standing in Piazza Castello, this castle was built between 1360 and 1370 by the noble family of Visconti. After Visconti era, the castle came into the Sforza’s family hands and it was named after the Sforzas. In one the museums hosed in Castello Sforzesco, you will have the chance to admire the Pietà Rondanini, one of the most famous statues of Michelangelo, a sublime piece of art that will take your breath away.

After this historical ad artistic beginning, you can enrich your Milan tour with a unique experience in an Italian perfume shop, where you will learn all about the ancient perfumery art of Venice: Merchant of Venice. If you are interested in creating your own perfume by mixing different types of fragrances, then this is the right moment and place. With Milano Fashion Tour, an exclusive tour operator in Milan since 2009, you can take part to a perfume workshop and create your personal fragrance. Discover more at the link



Your Milan tour won’t be completed without trying the Aperitivo, the Milanese happy hour. In the suggestive atmosphere of one of the best rooftop in Milan, Ceresio 7 will let you discover the most vibrant soul of Milan. Launched in 2013 by Dsquared2’s Dean and Dan Caten, Ceresio 7 invites you for a by-the-pool happy hour with a romantic view on the city. After this moment of relax, it is time for a special dinner at A Casa Eatery. At a first glance it could not seem a restaurant at all: with vintage furniture and wooden shelves with jams, it appears like a well-appointed apartment. The entire cooking experience is fully Mediterranean and it focuses on the flavours of Puglia, a southern Italian region. Only after a typical Italian dinner in a restaurant like A Casa Eatery your Milan tour can be complete.