You made it! You have just gracefully landed in Milano Malpensa airport. We are sure the flight was nice and the weather that welcomed you even nicer. You are tired but you are also full of excitement about your next moves in the city of fashion. You surprise yourself fantasizing about your shopping sprees in the most exclusive fashion boutiques worldwide, the Duomo, the sizzling lights of Milano nightlife, the glamour all over town but… you have to reach  downtown to make all the magic begin!

So here’s our “How to go from Malpensa airport to downtown Milan” quick guide that illustrates you the most practical ways to reach the centre city from Malpensa international airport, where every year more than 18.5 millions travelers land thanks to the 71 flight companies serving the area.

1) Taxi!

One of the easiest and most comfortable way to go from Malpensa airport to downtown Milan is grabbing a taxi. Nevertheless this could also be the most expensive option. Taxies companies have a fixed rate that could vary from 80 to 90 euros with just one stop once you have arrived in the centre city. It will take you about an hour of your time, maybe a little more if you happen to arrive during the rush hours (between 8 and 10 a.m and 5 and 8 p.m.). You can certainly hop on a taxi just outside the terminal (be aware, Italian taxies are mainly white!) or you can choose to reserve one in advance online from home.

2) Catch a train

This is surely the cheapest and fastest option on the list to go from Malpensa airport to downtown Milan. All you have to do is to catch the Malpensa Express train. With the 22 daily trips and its 13 euros circa ticket this service is surely a good choice. The train leaves from platforms on Terminal 1: to reach this terminal from Terminal 2 you can use a 24/7 free shuttle, you will be at your destination in 7 minutes circa. Once on the Malpensa Express, in 29 minutes you will arrive in Milano Cadorna station, which is also a central stop of the main underground line that can take you literally everywhere in town (but if you prefer, a few steps from the arrival platform, there is a very comfortable taxi station for the very last leg of your journey).

3) Let’s shuttle

This is a good alternative to go from Malpensa airport to downtown Milan, especially if your plane arrived at Terminal 2. You can buy tickets, about 10 euros, directly in the terminal, you will notice the Malpensa Shuttle stands, but you can also pay the fee on the shuttle: this is a very suitable solution for evening and nighttime arrivals. A bus is available every 20 minutes while the journey to ride the 55 kilometers that divide Malpensa from the centre city lasts an hour minimum, we have already enlighten you about the rush ours queues.

4) Rent or not to rent?

If  you prefer independence or if you have planned to explore the interesting surroundings of the city and the other beautiful cities of Lombardy, maybe renting a car is the best solution. In Malpensa you can find both international and local car rental companies at your disposal. You can click here to estimate the perfect option for you. Pay attention to InterRent, FireFly and Budget: these companies have the best prices around!

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Finally it could be a good idea to take a look here to all the companies serving Malpensa airport… Now you can really start your classy stay in the capital of  Made in Italy! Enjoy!